The best way to understand how we make our services work for you is:

If illness or injury strikes, players need to feel secure that their advisor has their interests at heart. We will act quickly to ensure their protection policies pay out to erase any fear of financial hardship.

David Worrell

GK : Protection

Every team needs a safe pair of hands in goal.

We all know how a game can turn on its head in an instant. Likewise your career can change in a split second. Paul Kerr Associates make sure that in the event of a life changing event like injury or illness you don’t have to worry about your financial security.

Footballers careers are too short, and for many, their mortgage terms are too long. It is prudent to significantly reduce the length of your mortgage term. If you are interested in being mortgage free at retirement, speak to us.

Adi Moses

DEF : Mortgages & Property

Whether you are looking to buy property, remortgaging, or looking to add to your property portfolio, we can help.

Too many players end their careers with large mortgages hanging around their necks. At Paul Kerr Associates, we take a very defensive attitude towards mortgage debt. We try to help players become mortgage free at retirement.

Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

PKA will write off to the Football League to get up to date statements to see what benefits you have accrued. Every player should know what he can expect at retirement and have it explained to him in a way he understands.

Mark Stallard

MID : Pensions

Players are constantly confused with regards to their pensions.

In 2006, government regulation changed, the PFA and Football League pension scheme has since continually evolved. This scheme offers some fantastic benefits, but too many players wait until tomorrow, rather than seek advice. We offer you advice in simple terms, as to what the scheme can do for you.

We have a track record in helping players, coaches and managers plan ahead. Don’t leave it too late to take advice in how we can help you secure your financial future.

Paul Kerr

FWD : Savings & Investments

Player’s earnings will vary throughout their career.

All players should plan ahead as early as possible to build a nest egg for when they can no longer earn from the game. Life on the outside does not often pay the same, with many not preparing themselves for the drop in income. Don’t be one of them!